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We don't seem to have enough, of it. Rushing from one place to the next, missing calls, emails, messages... people.

Today I received some heartbreaking news, a peer, a friend, a woman I had admired and respected for many years, has died. No time left. How can I have let the opportunity, to tell her how much she touched my life, slip away? Excuses of time?

It's these moments that one realises that the time spent is precious. Our loved-ones, friends, peers, colleagues are infinite. I know she knew how much I respected and admired her intellect, her comedy genius, physical theatre and most importantly her heart.

Through storytelling, physical comedy and the wearing of many, many, wigs Maggie Fox touched the lives of hundreds, thousands and I am forever grateful to have worked, shared and enjoyed many moments with her.

#Time #Friends #Peers #ComedyGold #Genius #comedian #writer

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