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Welcome to my Blog!

You've landed here? Why?

I know why I am here, I'm writing my first blog. I've been telling others, females mainly, for many years not to wait for opportunities to come to them, but to make them! Funny how we can tell others, but not ourselves. Well, I've had a word, and listened (to myself) and here we are!

I've been around for many years... not sharing the exact number! I can now, confidently, call myself an expert in producing. If you think about it, we are all experts in what we do, and how. No qualification can give you the expertise required to connect with others, and influence their goals and dreams. I'm taking the plunge, and I feel the universe is saying 'its your time'. We shall see...

I hope we can share our thinking, experiences, conversation and who knows, we could end up working together?

Leave me a comment, don't be shy, you're an expert, remember!

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